Arram Berlyn Gardner: There’s an app for that

By Anna Brooksbank

Taxbriefs’ branded app building service, launched earlier this year, is going from strength to strength. You may have seen that a number of our clients are already using their apps to add value to the service they provide their clients, as well as market themselves to new prospects.

Arram Berlyn Gardner, a Top 100 firm of chartered accountants, came to us in the spring to find out how we could help them to create their own bespoke app. If an app is something that you, too, are considering, then you’ll find the case study of their experience helpful.

Why did Arram Berlyn Gardner choose Taxbriefs?
After doing a bit of shopping around, Arram Berlyn Gardner found that other providers were unable to given them the bespoke service they needed. We were able quickly to understand what Arram Berlyn Gardner wanted to achieve, and to tailor an app that met all of their needs, including a link to their events schedule. Moreover, we were able to meet these requirements at the right price and at the right time.

It was less than 8 weeks from the first phone call to the moment their app went live.


Arram Berlyn Gardner’s iPhone app by Taxbriefs

How did we do it?
Our clients know and trust that the content they are distributing from us to their clients is accurate and up-to-date. We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating, so when it comes to app building we can offer you a bespoke service that meets your needs, as Arram Berlyn Gardner found. We also produce a product that drops seamlessly into your current marketing plan. From beginning to end, you can expect the same dedicated account manager on hand throughout the entire process: Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Taxbriefs, just as it is in your business.

We examined Arram Berlyn Gardner’s branding, and then built some initial mock-ups to give them an idea of the end product. We did a bit of tweaking* based on their feedback, then built a test app. After that, it only remained to resolve a couple of technical glitches with the speed and efficiency of the download before the app went live a few days later. If you’d like to see the finished product, free downloads are available from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

The end result
Judging by the feedback we received from Arram Berlyn Gardner, they are exceedingly pleased with our service and the finished product. They have actively promoted their app on LinkedIn and at several of their seminars. They use their app to drive traffic to their website, to promote their social networking accounts and to spread word about their upcoming events.

Client feedback
“We were looking for an app that provided a good end user experience but that could be adapted to reflect our branding and integrate with our social media. The team at Taxbriefs reassured us that this was all possible and within a few weeks we went through all of the build stages from having mock up designs put together to our app being registered with the relevant app stores. Within 24 hours of public release we had all loaded our app on our various devices. Thanks Taxbriefs.”

We are lucky to have had a good working relationship with Arram Berlyn Gardner for many years, and will continue to provide them with Budget products into 2014.

*Not to be confused with twerking!

If you would like to provide a Tax Tools App — for your firm, your clients or both — please call Anna on 020 7970 4147 or email our team:


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