Budget Day: How you can help your clients

It is now exactly seven weeks until Wednesday, 19 March, when the Chancellor will deliver the 2014 Budget.

Mr Osborne may actually be looking forward to delivering his speech, because he can point to some positive economic indicators. On 22 January, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that unemployment had dropped to 7.1% — very close to the 7% level at which the Bank of England has said it will “consider” dropping interest rates — and that GDP was up by 0.7% over the last quarter of 2013, representing the fastest annual growth since 2007.

Now that there’s some good news to justify the Government’s austerity program, its real challenges will be to sustain the recovery and to answer critics who claim that the falling unemployment numbers mask the grim realities of record underemployment and wages that have failed to keep pace with inflation.

ImageAn example from our current range of Budget summary covers

No doubt the Chancellor will have prepared rebuttal for the traditional post-speech showdown with the Shadow Chancellor, but the Budget is more than just the speech delivered in the House. More often than not, some of the more salient details are contained in the accompanying ‘Red Book,’ but you’re unlikely to see many people browsing it on the bus post-Budget Day. (Hardly surprising, given that the 2013 Red Book ran to 112 pages in A4 format.)

And that’s where you come in. With a Budget summary from Taxbriefs, you can send your clients exactly what they need to have an informed and productive discussion with you about their tax and financial planning needs in the wake of the Budget — without resorting to the all-too daunting official documentation.

Attractively presented in a range of formats, and customised with your logo and contact details, our Budget summaries and tax tables are produced by an experienced editorial team of experts who know exactly what to look for and which announcements will have the greatest impact. They know that the devil’s in the detail (whether that detail was included in the Chancellor’s speech or not).

TTlargeprintedcardsExamples from our current range of tax tables

We offer a next-day service and the option to completely tailor your summary and tax tables with your own corporate colours and cover image, and all for a lot less than you might expect. Many firms and professionals have found our bundled packages to be particularly affordable and effective, and use our plastic tax cards as business cards.

To find out more about what Taxbriefs Budget summaries and tax tables can do for you and your clients, click here or email us for a free sample: clientservices@taxbriefs.co.uk


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