Digital detox

What are you giving up for lent? Some people are doing a bit of a ‘digital detox’.

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we work, from enabling us to have virtual meetings with colleagues on the other side of the world to filing our tax returns, but the changes often happen so quickly that people can easily feel left behind and a little bewildered. An interesting piece in Employee Benefits set out some good advice for maintaining a bit of balance when it comes to technology and work.

One area which requires an element of balance and a clear policy is emails. Many employees feel under pressure to check and reply to emails out of office hours – and in extreme cases during holidays or at 2 a.m. As an employer, it is important to set clear rules around the use of email outside the office. As the article suggests, you could think about communicating the positives of the flexibility technology offers rather than longer working hours, but make sure the message about work-life balance is still clear.

Why not encourage your colleagues and clients to think about having a bit of a digital detox outside work this month?


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