Harnessing creativity from colleagues

Strength in unity

Have you thought about asking your employees for ideas on how to market your firm? You might be surprised by the results.

While you’re likely to have hired specific people to undertake a certain function in your company, if you foster the creation and sharing of great ideas across the board, you’ll probably see employee engagement flourish. You can do this through regular brainstorming sessions with your staff. Sometimes it just takes a small idea to make big changes. Here are some tips for getting bright ideas out of your team:

  • Stress the importance of creativity – make sure your staff know you’re happy to hear their ideas. Innovating on marketing and business processes can help you give your firm a competitive edge so it’s important to get your team on board.
  • Allocate time for some brainstorming – you could set aside time for new ideas to emerge through brainstorming sessions, group workshops and team days out. Enable your team to bounce ideas off each other.
  • Actively solicit ideas – Appeal for new ideas to market your firm and enhance client retention and to solve particular problems. Some firms incentivise through offering rewards for the best ideas – is this something you could do?
  • Be supportive and tolerate mistakes – it’s important to respond enthusiastically to all ideas presented to you, even if they are a little far-fetched. And don’t just let the louder members of the team get heard – sometimes a quieter, less confident colleague might harbour the best idea yet.
  • Most importantly, act on the ideas you think will work – provide the time and resources to develop and implement ideas you like.

When you’re deeply focussed on a task (marketing, in this case) you may not be able to see the wood for the trees and allowing for the cross-pollination of ideas can help. Think carefully about how you’re going to spend your marketing budget – and how to best get the results you want.


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