Client Focus: Petrus Financial Services – adding value to their client offering


In the second of our client case study series, we’re pleased to showcase Petrus Financial Services which provides independent financial advice to individuals, families, trustees and charities, always tailored to their specific needs.

Petrus is based in Berkshire and has a team of four advisers and around £160 million assets under advice. They have been working with Taxbriefs for the last seven years using the Budget and Autumn Statement Summaries and quarterly newsletters to add value to its client offering. We interviewed Petrus director Georgina Warwick about her experiences and thoughts on working with Taxbriefs.

Why do you need professsional content?

Clients expect us to keep them up to date on a regular basis with clear and accurate financial information. For example, if a big tax change is introduced, they want to know about it and they expect to hear about it from us first.

Being able to offer our clients this information is a huge part of the added value we give them. We don’t want our clients to have to make the effort themselves. We want them not to be concerned about ongoing financial issues, but to be secure in the knowledge that we will do the legwork for them.

Why do you use Taxbriefs?

Taxbriefs provides clearly-written, accurate and professional documents that add value to our client offering without requiring increased workload at our end.

We don’t have the resources internally to create the quantity or quality of content we source from Taxbriefs. To do so would require us to hire an internal marketing manager at such a senior level it would cost us 3-4 times the amount we spend on Taxbriefs’ content.

How do your clients react to the Budget and Autumn Statement summaries?

The accuracy, conciseness of information and the way they are worded and presented make the summaries very relatable to clients. We always receive positive feedback about the summaries, and every year clients will go out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate them.

And the newsletters?

The newsletters are a good point of contact between us and our clients. We mail out the hard copies and email out the digital versions every quarter. Our advisers always have copies of the current and most recent back copies with them when they attend client meetings.

The newsletters are great for brand awareness; they remind clients of our logo, of our brand and the fact that we are there for them. They also provide us – and our advisers – with great discussion points to take to meetings. They reassure our clients that if something important is happening we will know about it and raise it with them. Like the summaries, they are professionally written and full of engaging articles that our clients actually read.

Tell us about your relationship with Taxbriefs?

We are very aware of our brand at Petrus and would only ever partner with a brand that’s as professional as we are and as reliable as we are, and that sums up Taxbriefs. They provide added value with no trouble. In fact, we have worked with the team for that long, we don’t have much communication with them anymore, which is great because it just shows there are never any problems.

They are always professional and reliable: we know exactly when new products will arrive and we can juggle our workload to make sure we can get them out to our clients and contacts while the information is still fresh and timely.


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