Brave new world? Waking up to a Trump presidency


So today Donald Trump, the President Elect as he’ll be known until the inauguration, will visit Barack Obama in the White House. Those are words that I, like many, many others, never thought they’d be writing. (Full disclosure here – I voted for the other candidate).

It’s been a rollercoaster 48 hours. The world’s media has expended millions of words trying to explain how the former host of the US Apprentice has managed to leapfrog conventional party politics into the most powerful job in the world. And online, commentators as well as ordinary people people have engaged around the clock in what has been probably the first social media election of the age.

Amid the wall to wall coverage, we’ve focussed on some areas that seem most relevant to our sector. Our sister publications here at Centaur Media have covered investment, advice and marketing insights that we thought might prove useful and insightful.

Our colleagues at Money Marketing yesterday looked at a round-up of adviser reaction to the Trump victory. The mood was one of urging clients to stay their investment courses. The overnight reaction of markets, which seem to have heeded the ‘keep calm and carry on’ mantra, would appear to bear them out.

Over at Corporate Adviser, the focus is on division between economic analysts over the effect a Trump presidency has promised to revive the US economy and improve prospects, but there are contradictions inherent in his plans?

Much has been made on both sides of the Atlantic of analogies between the Trump victory and the Brexit vote. Marketing Week looks at the wider implications of the uncertainties surrounding the Trump ascendency for business and brands.

And finally leading on from the social media point above, Marketing Week published an interesting piece looking at just how the Trump campaign has changed the rules of political communication with its appeal to emotion over reason. It’s a tactic that has more than paid off.

While we all take stock of what the next four years might look like, the one certainty is that there will be much more discussion and analysis yet to come.


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