They’ve still got it

Just like an ageing rocker, vinyl records have been enjoying a comeback of late and have even overtaken digital sales for the first time, according to a recent article in The Guardian.

In the last week of November, £2.4 million was spent on physical records compared to just £2.1 million on downloads. This is in sharp contrast to the same week last year – when £1.2 million was spent on vinyl and £4.4 million on digital, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association. This upturn could be explained by the run-up to Christmas and people wanting to give a physical gift… but could it be something more significant? Vinyl has been going on sale in some supermarkets as well as more traditional specialist record shops and points to a changing trend in the desire to own records.

It’s not only records that are coming back into fashion – bookshops are back too (albeit with a cute little money-spinning cafe attached). Even Amazon have opened a shop – with plans to build more. It seems that people still enjoy the tactile nature of a good book – even though they have endless options available to them via their electronic reading device.

There is something undeniably alluring about print products, whether it’s a slim paperback, a coffee table book or a glossy magazine. Perhaps the ideal is a combination of both? After all, you can’t take your record player with you on your commute, but it’s certainly comforting to put a record on and curl up with a good book when you get home in the evening – perhaps accompanied by a mince pie. Merry Christmas!



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