About Taxbriefs

Formed in 1975, Taxbriefs Ltd has grown to be one of the leading providers of technical and marketing content for the financial services industry in the UK.

Marketing your business and making sure your brand gets noticed isn’t easy in today’s busy communications environment. The pace of change can mean that your plans are out of date before they’re off the drawing board. Taxbriefs produces professional branded marketing materials and high quality technical content to take the stress out of keeping up in the marketplace. We offer flexibility and quality, coupled with a friendly, consultative service to help you get the most from your marketing.

As busy professionals, you may find it difficult to fit in the planning, writing and production of the materials you know you need to market your business effectively. Our broad portfolio of products are all personalised with your company details and full of accessible and accurate information so your clients know what you can do for them. Our range of high quality, personalised marketing products, from Budget Summaries, Tax Tables and newsletters to a branded App, will ensure your firm is always at your clients’ fingertips.

Our reputation for high quality technical content has built over the years. We published our first book The Life Assurance and Pensions Handbook in 1984. Since then our stable of technical publications for financial advisers has grown alongside our client marketing business to include our flagship monthly industry analysis Financial Timesaver, the well-loved Professional Adviser’s Factfile and most recently Taxbriefs Advantage, our new online reference site for financial advisers.

In June 2010 Taxbriefs became part of Centaur Media PLC. Taxbriefs Ltd operates within Centaur’s Financial Services & Legal Division, providing specialist financial publishing and marketing services to professional advisers and financial services providers. Centaur Media PLC is a leading publishing company operating across multiple business sectors of which the largest is financial services.

Taxbriefs – for you, your business and your clients

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