Visualising a better content strategy

The effectiveness of imagery in online marketing is well established. But a little more imagination can help you succeed, when complex financial information is involved.


Legislative Jenga means class 2 NICs are here to stay

It seems there's no such thing as a quick and easy fix for the UK tax system, as last week the government announced they have scrapped plans to withdraw class 2 national insurance contributions (NICs), for at least the remainder of this parliament.

Trading places: Establishing a new Norma

It's common knowledge, to the point of being a cliche, that trading is a boys' club. Back in 2015 a study by the Financial Times revealed a 50-50 gender balance in overall staff numbers, but women held only 19.5% of senior roles, dropping to just 16.2% in banks. So in such a male-dominated environment, what …

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The Scottish Draft Budget 2018/19 – a new tax structure?

The Scottish draft Budget on 14 December 2017 was eagerly awaited following draft proposals from the Scottish Government for reforming the structure of income tax. Derek Mackay, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, did not disappoint, revealing a revised income tax framework that he said would “make Scotland’s tax system fairer and …

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Election-watch: the business of politics

The old joke used to be that the Church of England was the Conservative Party at prayer. Almost as true, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) was once the Conservative Party at work. No longer: "Theresa May's Conservatives" - the manifesto's brand - has retreated from business. The party's proposals include: A corporation tax rate …

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