Meet the team

Danby Bloch

Danby is the Editorial Director and founder of Taxbriefs. He’s a well known figure in the financial services world and regularly writes, speaks and turns up at events in his bow tie.

Helen Macdonald

Helen is the Publishing Director at Taxbriefs. She makes sure everything on track and maintains our key partner relationships . To forget about this, she likes to escape to Norfolk.

Lindsay Brown

Lindsay is Content Developer for our personalised client marketing products. She’s recently taken up golf but considers herself a ‘fair weather golfer’ only.

Alexandra Citron

Alex is Head of Editorial, overseeing the editorial content for both the reference and personalised products. She still misses The West Wing.

Martin Quinn

Martin is Head of Sales and if you are one of our clients, you may well have spoken to him…or perhaps you met him while he was running a pub in Notting Hill during the noughties? Martin is now a proud father of two and the odd glass of red or two is about all he can manage.

Allison Gumbs

Allison is Production Manager and typesets our personalised products from newsletters and Budget products to app templates. She’s been with Taxbriefs for such a long time that she knows where all the bodies are buried.

Mahita Patel

Mahita is our Production Assistant dealing with our client marketing products and client management system. She studied art and manages to be a vegetarian without being very keen on vegetables.